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Our Company

Kovács & Partner Trading Ltd. has been established in 1991.

Our company is family owned in 100 %.Location  is Budapest/Hungary
During our activity we could build up good relations with international and domestic companies  of coating, plastic and rubber industries.
Additionally we are also present in the printing and packaging markets as well.


Our main business field is the distribution of different  feedstocks  for the chemical industries , as organic/ inorganic and special high performance pigments, fillers, resins, dispersions and additives. We are also dealing with packaging materials,special papers and PET and Polyamide films.

We have a warehouse in Budapest from where we can supply our partners continously. Our company is the regional representative of 3 pigment producers.

Besides hungarian market we are present with the sales of some chemicals used in the coating and plastics industry in Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia  and Serbia.


Our main target, beside the wide range of products ,is a high quality service, based on understanding and continuos communication with our customers.

We treat  the customers purchasing small volumes from us  with the same attention as of the large ones.

We are member of the professional hungarian assosiations in coating and rubber field  as:  MAVESZ,MAFEOSZ,MAGUSZ.

Our chemical products  sold in the European Union  are pre registered or registered according to the rules of the REACH.

Please contact us by e-mail or by phone and send  to us your inquiries for any products you found on our product list.