BOPP films – transparent, white, pearlised and other special polypropylene films

Our biaxially oriented polypropylene range covers a wide range of BOPP films used in the packaging industry and BOPP films that can be used in various labeling processes.

 Some examples of polypropylene films offered: 

  • Coextruded BOPP films, one or both sides treated or lacquered in 20, 25, 30, 40my thickness.
  • White and pearlescent BOPP films with a wide range of parameters for versatile end-uses 
  • Matt BOPP films 
  • Alox BOPP Polypropylene films with acrylic lacquer barrier layer, 
  • White and transparent label films 
  • IML (in mold label) label fils
  • WAL (wrap around label) films and SAL ( self adhesive label) films