PET films (Polyester films)

Polyester film with excellent thermal insulation properties is used in many areas by our packaging, graphic and industrial partners on its own and as a laminate. Most of the products are offered from stock. 

  • Untreated PET films up to 12my-100my thickness 
  • Crown-treated PET films up to 12my-36my thick 
  • Chemically treated PET in 12my-36my thicknesses 
  • Metallized PET films in thicknesses of 12-36my 
  • Matt PET films 12my 
  • Twist PET films,  PET films  with good dead-fold characteristics for candy packaging in transparent, white and metallized versions in 19my, 23my thicknesses
  • R-PET films, environmentally friendly PET films containing 70% recycled material
  • PVDC coated PET film 
  • ALOX PET films transparent barrier PET film 
  • Peelable and sealable PET films 
  • A-PET tray films in thicknesses from 50my to 1000my, also in metallized version 
  • G-PET films in thicknesses from 100my to 800my 
  • Sleeve PET films 
  • Box window films