Comapny profile

Kovács & Partner Trading Ltd is a hungarian company established in 1991, which is in 100% family ownership since its existance. One of the keys to the success of the company is, the good business- and friendlship relations.

As a trading company, we are selling products of firms with high quality from europe and beyond europe. As distributors of the chemical industry we have different kind of organic and inorganic pigments, fillers, resins dispersions and additives. We represent our partners on the hungarian, the slovakian, the polish and the south slavic market. Most of the products of our excellent manufacturers we can provide from our warehouse in Dunakeszi, but necessarily the complete range of products is available from the manufacture. Beyond our regular manufacturers, we are in relation with some other producers, we offer you many other products/specialities.

Our company has a contact with many acknowledged fabricant of packaging materials, whom selection is mainly stock available. Our product range in the industry encompasses all the key materials for flexible packaging production, plastic foils, papers, aluminius foils and the multilayer structures.

We also deal with a german manufacturer, the Visco Jet. They produce agitators with the highest quality standards, which can be used in areas like food industry, chemical industry, parper/pottery production, but many differen areas as well. The size of the agitators are from the small labour mixers till huge container agitators, almoust till every size.

Furthermore we have a polish partner, the Ichemad Profarb, who are producing different agitators, mills, and doseing systems.


Our main target, beside the wide range of products, is a high quality service, based on understanding and continuos communication with our customers.

Selling products in small volumen, and creating favorable conditions for regular orders are among our services. It is very important to us, that we can satisfy the demands of our customers, so that all of our partners can work with the best possible constructions.

Thanks to our extensive international relations, we can also search for the products, which are not in our list, but are part of our profile.

We have really flexible system conditions, that is why all of our customers receive equal treatment.

We carry out our activities in close cooperation with our manufacturing partners, relying on their R&D capacities. We are member of the professional hungarian assosiations in coating and rubber field  as:  MAVESZ, MAFEOSZ, MAGUSZ.

Our chemical products  sold in the European Union  are pre registered or registered according to the rules of the REACH